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Among the objectives of the centre is the creation of the policy framework that will ensure the efficient use of the nation’s energy resources. Energy efficiency could be thought of as an economy resource and an alternate ‘fuel’. It looks at the effects on businesses, industries and household as any energy saved in these sectors will usually be available to other users. As a centre, the objectives we seek to maximize include both economics as well as environmental issues for long term sustainability. Sustainability ensures the availability of energy and a liveable environment for the future. Thecentreaimsto become a source of authoritative information and leadership in sustainable energy systems. In particular, the centre will seek to:

  • Undertake research into energy usage habits of industrial, institutional and household concerns with a view to finding optimal energy balances
  • Generate reliable data on both traditional and new energy sources that will ascertain their real values in the nation’s energy mix
  • Create and operate energy efficient laboratories for testing and calibration of transport, production and general energy equipment
  • Research on linkages between energy and other themes, including economy and social development impact, as well as environment and climate change issues
  • Educate and train researchers through postgraduate degrees and short course programmes on energy efficiency.
  • Build strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations both local and at international levels in order to enhance internal capabilities to achieve the objectives of the centre. 
  • Disseminate research findings to the communities using peer-reviewed and other publications.
  • Create and establish the necessary infrastructure both in equipment and expertise in various facets of energy studies which would attract erudite, local and foreign scholars and researchers to meet and proffer solutions to related problems.