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GIZ-Nigerian Energy Support Programme 

The German Agency for International Cooperation popularly known as GIZ – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH through its programme Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP) has developed a four-pronged initiative in collaboration with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power (FMP) and other public and private partners to improve access to sustainable energy. NESP’s activities are focused around the following topics:

 ï Policy reform and on-grid renewable energy: The programme is supporting implementation of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act, while helping to improve the legal framework for investment in renewable energy. Key stakeholders in the sector are also being supported to coordinate and harmonize their activities.

 ï Energy efficiency: The programme is contributing to draw up strategies and standards for energy efficiency in accordance with international best practice, and to encourage the implementation via support mechanisms and demonstration projects. 

ï Rural electrification and sustainable energy access: A standardized approach at national level to planning and promoting rural electrification is being supported. Five federal states are being supported to produce electrification plans and develop a data management system. The electrification of off-grid villages, social facilities and small businesses will demonstrate how renewable energy can contribute to providing electricity access to rural areas. 

ï Capacity development: The capacity of organizations for training delivery is being strengthened by NESP. The National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) and other training institutes are being assisted to deliver a range of relevant training courses on renewable energy and energy efficiency for engineers, architects and technicians. Interventions will also train selected professionals of partner institutions and enhance capacities of the power sector as whole. The National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (NCEEC) is pleased to be one of the partners in the GIZ/USAID capacity development program aimed to developing the capacity of our energy specialists in the areas of small hydropower systems design, energy audit and ISO 50001 energy management systems, solar PV design and installations, and mini-grid design and operation. This partnership culminated in the signing of a tri-party Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) involving GIZ, Winrock International, and NCEEC on 30 th July, 2015 in Abuja, Nigeria. The objective of the MoU is to facilitate technical cooperation for the development of capacity building and educational activities for renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) activities towards the delivery of courses that confer professional qualifications relevant to the EE/RE industry for market development in Nigeria

Signing of an MoU between GIZ, USAID, and NCEEC