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Performance Testing of Batteries Used in Solar PV Projects and Mobile Phones 

One major problem that reduces consumers’ confidence in renewable energy systems in Nigeria is the failure of solar PV balance of systems, especially batteries. This failure is usually attributed to the proliferation of substandard components, particularly the battery, into the country. Laboratory tests can help ascertain the qualities of various batteries used as storage systems for renewable energy projects. Testing could help consumers in making informed decision on battery choices, and the trade-off between cost and benefits of battery systems. This has multiplier effect of making the most of intermittent renewables, reducing battery waste in the environment, and guarantee quality delivery of renewable energy projects. The CADEX Battery Analyser at NCEEC Testing Laboratory is used for performance testing of batteries and is capable of conducting three different tests which are: (i) measurement of the battery’s energy/charge carrying capacity (Ah rating), (ii) Self Discharge Test, (iii) Ohm Test.

  Setup of Battery testing equipment at NCEEC