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African Urban Metabolism Network (AUM) 

The African Urban Metabolism Research Network is collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, Researchers at Stellenbosch University in South Africa and multiple local partners in major African cities. The main element of this initiative is the development of a typology of African cities using Material Flow Analysis and statistical analysis to establish a classification of cities based on distinct urban resource consumption profiles. The focus is on six African major cities: Cairo, Egypt; Gauteng, South-Africa; Lagos, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; Kinshasa, DRC; and Luanda, Angola. The ultimate goal is to define specific strategies to guide sustainable development of African Cities in terms of energy and material flows. The National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (NCEEC) is involved as the Policy Research and Implementation partner and the focal representation of the AUM Network in Nigeria. The contribution of NCEEC to the AUM Network includes collection of city-level and national data on resource/material flow, consumption of key resources including: energy, water, fossil fuel energy carriers, and CO2 emissions; collection of GIS data on spatial location of resource production sites; development of integrated research topics for the AUM Network, and collaboration on research grant proposal writing. The recent result of this collaboration is the development of ‘Report for Lagos’ detailing materials and resource flow in Urban Lagos.