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As part of the effort to minimise energy waste, one of the components of the UNDP-GEF Nigeria Energy Efficiency Project included the setting up of Centres of excellence in testing of energy efficient appliances such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Under the project, the UNDP procured and donated tests equipment to Standards Organization of Nigeria and National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (NCEEC) for testing of lighting systems in Nigeria. This will help manufacturers and importers of the products verify the products specifications and also comply with relevant local and international standards on lighting. 

The Centre also participated in UNDP-GEF Nigerian Lighting Compliance Study. This baseline survey helped in developing a product database for lamps sold in the Nigerian appliances market; develop capacity in lamp testing and verify the claims of manufacturers as stated on product labels.

In collaboration with SON, NCEEC now offers lamp testing services to manufacturers, importers and promoters of energy saving lighting using globally accepted testing procedures. Through its activities over the years, NCEEC has gained recognition and also played an important role in the development of the Nigerian Lighting Standard.  For more information or enquiries on Product testing, kindly send a mail to [email protected]

Setup of Light testing equipment at NCEEC

The YF-1000 Complete lamp analysis machine can perform ageing test, verification of electrical parameters (such as power factor, current drawn, voltage, lumens, etc.) quoted on lamp labels, and torque test to determine the strength of the lamp ballast.

The equipment was installed and commissioned in 2012 and now available for use by importers, manufacturers of lamps in Nigeria as well as students, researchers and the general public.

Signal analysis system (oscilloscope) 

Also available for use at NCEEC laboratory, is The Tektronic TDS3000C Oscilloscope Series, a robust signal analysis tool with wide applications. The Oscilloscope provides the capability to visualize fast-changing signals in a compact, battery capable design. With dedicated front-panel controls and 25 automatic measurements, Figure 3: Signal analysis system (oscilloscope)