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AboutMinimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS)

Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) is a specification, containing a number of performance requirements for an energy using device that effectively limits the maximum amount of energy that may be consumed by a product in performing a specified task. MEPS generally require use of a particular test procedure that specifies how performance is measured. 

Objectives of MEPS

  • Provides detailed information on the performance and energy labelling which an appliance has to meet in order to carry a valid energy efficiency label; and
  • Provide detailed information on the performance requirements which an appliance has to meet in order to meet minimum energy performance requirements.

Benefits of MEPS

  • MEPS is one of the most cost effective ways to encourage energy efficiency improvements in products
  • Setting energy performance levels creates a more efficient range of products for consumers to choose from by:
  • Encouraging manufacturers to continually improve the efficiency of their products
  • Preventing poorly performing products from being sold
  • Improving the average efficiency of products available in the market
  • Reduces emission of greenhouse gases as electricity generation is heavily reliant on fossil fuels for new supplies.